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We can all save some time and money.  If you are buying a home and need a home inspector we also perform home inspections. It’s how we started in Florida in 1990, 14,000 inspections ago.



A visual inspection for mold and infrared thermal imaging are always included in all our home inspections at no charge. It’s part of our home inspection service. We’ve always wanted to find and report everything we possibly could.



If you decide to add mold, other allergens, or allergenic VOC sampling at the same time, we’ll do so at a reduced price. We’re on-site anyway and can perform any or all of them on the same visit. That saves all of us time, visits, and money. It’s also less hassle for you, the seller, the Realtors, and our planet.



We introduced mold inspections in conjunction with our home inspections to Southwest Florida in 2001 and thermal infrared technology in 2003. Andrew is a Florida Licensed Home Inspector (HI1149) and has been a member of the prestigious American Society of Home Inspectors for many years (ASHI 210326).



We are also State qualified to perform insurance inspections that you may require for homeowners insurance discounts such as Four Point and Wind Mitigation Inspections. Again, we can add that at a reduced price along with pre-purchased home inspections. A one stop shop, really.


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Did You Know

High humidity in vacant homes can promote mold growth!

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