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Other Allergens & Asthma


Americans now spend up to 90% of their time indoors. Between 2001-2011 the number of persons with asthma in the United States increased by 28%! A connection? Most experts think so.



Indoor asthma and allergy triggers, aside from mold, can be over 500 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) from


  • Paints and adhesives from flooring and furniture
  • Insecticides and pesticides
  • Cosmetics, fragrances, incense and air fresheners
  • Formaldehyde from furniture and flooring
  • Third hand residual tobacco smoke


Or animal proteins and pest residue from


  • Dogs and cats
  • Mice and rats
  • Dust mites, two species
  • Cockroaches, two species


We can test for any or all of the above. Our reports 1) identify the substances present, 2) explain if they are elevated, 3) whether they are building sourced, lifestyle sourced, or a combination of the two, and 4) how to limit exposure to them. All of the tools you need to improve your indoor air quality.


We offer the ultimate comprehensive testing services to you or your loved ones who suffer from allergic sensitivities, asthma, respiratory weaknesses, suppressed immunity; the very young, the elderly, expectant mothers, and all other at risk clients.


Feel free to request a sample report for any of the above.




Did You Know

High humidity in vacant homes can promote mold growth!

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