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Mold needs moisture


Mold needs moisture to grow, and hidden leaks are the source of most mold problems.


We use infrared thermography on all of our inspections. The infrared camera is an incredible tool to find hidden moisture from roof or plumbing leaks. So is a non-intrusive moisture meter, which instantly shows the moisture content of a variety of building materials.




Roof leaks are usually from poorly designed or installed roof valleys or flashings as can be seen in the infrared image below.




Plumbing leaks are usually from supply or waste plumbing, clothes washers or dishwashers or from plumbing fixtures like the shower stall leak as seen in the infrared image below.




Poorly maintained air handlers can be a ready source of moisture for mold growth and can broadcast mold spores by way of the ductwork throughout your home.



Mold sampling can give us a good overview of what is in the breathable air in your home and a combination of all the tools described above can pinpoint the source of the problem.


We will then recommend a remedy based on our experience of many hundreds of mold assessments since 2001.

Did You Know

High humidity in vacant homes can promote mold growth!

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